House seekers safety tips

The Internet has been the saviour in many ways. Not only does it allow people to search for property quickly and easily, without needing to be in the area they’re moving to, it also makes it easier for landlords offering rooms to target people searching in their area. However, there has always been a darker Read more about House seekers safety tips[…]

How to be eco-friendly by saving money while flatsharing

In these tentative economical times, home ownership is a distant dream for very many of the young professional persons. Renting a property is also proving to be more difficult due to the starting salaries increasingly being under pressure. Many workers in their 20s are having flat sharing as their only way to live in big Read more about How to be eco-friendly by saving money while flatsharing[…]

How to advertise

Advertiser will of course be excited about the fact that a huge number of future house seekers will be browsing their listing, but be warned, putting your ad out there is only half the work. Without an ad that really stands out your property could get passed by. Luckily, we at have had a Read more about How to advertise[…] Can Benefit You

Loneliness is a huge problem, especially for young employees who are single. The demands a career makes often leaves little time and energy for going out to nightspots, but coming home to an empty flat is depressing. These busy workers and students would make ideal tenants – some extra cash never goes amiss, while having Read more about Can Benefit You[…]

Rooms For Rent or Flatshare – How To Decide Which One Is Best For You

It is always a challenge deciding which way of living is the best between the Room for Rent and Flatshare. Each has its own pros and cons, thus before settling down on what type of accommodation best suits you, it is important to analysis each of them very critically. Rooms for Rent The room for Read more about Rooms For Rent or Flatshare – How To Decide Which One Is Best For You[…] says no to Middle Men in the Homeshare Market

From this sudden flash of inspiration he began the process of setting up, an accommodation site for everyone! Samuel’s revolutionary strategy was to set up a site where landlords and housemates could connect directly, eliminating the costly rent cut of the agent and allow for much more flexibility for the person searching for somewhere Read more about says no to Middle Men in the Homeshare Market[…]