April 13, 2016


Self-Letting.com Social Connect = Safety

Self-Letting.com has verified members. We encourage our members to add links of their Social Network profiles. People looking for housing should be verifiable. Self-Letting.com profiles that have social connect links are more trustworthy.

Who can Advertise?

Landlord seeking responsible and reliable tenants for your property or a tenant searching for a home or tenant seeking flatmate or an individual or student in search of a room mate or a startup business owner looking for an office space to share

Take advantage of the photo and video upload features?

People respond well to a visual ad, our research shows that ads with photo or video have a far higher response rate than those without. They say a picture paints a million words and you don’t have room for a million words in your listing so get upload

Give your ad a catchy title?

Don’t just put “2 bed flat available” , “Female Seeks Room”. Titles like “Bright 2 bed garden flat” or “Spacious 2 bed flat in a great location”, ” Professional Female Seeks Double Room” will stand out more. Don’t forget, people will be looking at pages of adverts initially by title so give them a reason to click on yours.

What you can do to keep yourself (and your money) safe?

Be vigilant, trust your instincts. If anything seems wrong about an apartment, or the person representing the apartment doesn’t seem like they can be trusted, just walk away or contact us. Be very careful before handing over any money never pay by hand.

–  Never send in a security deposit or any other cash before you’ve seen an apartment.

–  If for any reason someone manages to post an ad on our site and he or she asks you to send in a security deposit to see an apartment – don’t do it! In fact, please let us know!

–  And if you have seen the apartment and want to put money down please do your research.

Safety tips when replying to an advert?

Whilst it’s extremely rare for people to have any trouble when they go to view a property, it can feel intimidating to go to an area you don’t know on your own to check out a room – especially for women.

–  When you go to look at a property, try and take someone with you. If this is not possible, leave full details of where you are going and who you are meeting and arrange to contact someone once you have finished

–  Make sure that the property is secure and that you are happy about the safety of the area it is located in. If you are not familiar with the area, you might want to try visiting it at night as well as during the day time

–  Meet and talk to everyone who lives/will be living at the property and trust your instincts when deciding whether or not to move in

Isn’t it a bit risky?

As with any form of accommodation there are always risks. However, with the listing options available on Self-Letting.com it’s easier to narrow down where you want to live and who you want to live with. We also go to great lengths to check listings to filter out any scammers or illegitimate advertisers. We have real people to check the content of our ads so, while we can’t vouch for everyone who uses the site, we can make it as safe as possible to give you peace of mind.


References may require satisfactory references from your employer or University, a previous or current landlord, personal reference, and sometimes a guarantor.