How to advertise

Advertiser will of course be excited about the fact that a huge number of future house seekers will be browsing their listing, but be warned, putting your ad out there is only half the work. Without an ad that really stands out your property could get passed by.

Luckily, we at have had a lot of time to see exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to shared accommodation listings, and we’re willing to pass on what we’ve learnt to you.

By far the most important thing we’ve got to say is pictures matter. Humans are very visual creatures and with such a huge list of potential apartment share and house share options in front of them, it takes at least four good photos to really get your ad noticed.

These are the crucial elements required when advertising


Photographs: A few photos of the flat or room or yourself looking all nice and presentable are a must, of course. Not grainy shots taken on your phone, mind… Proper, nice, well-lit photos showing off all the nice shiny features. And do make sure it actually looks like it does in the photos, as in clean and tidy, when someone comes over to view it. A lot of people tend to forget that bit.

Video: A quick two-minute tour around the property shot on your phone gives a far more detailed look at the place, and a better sense of scale than any photo, so people know exactly what they’re getting. Every response I got, whether from people expressing an interest or telling me it wasn’t suitable for them, commented favourably on the video tour. It only takes a few minutes to upload and really makes your ad stand out.

Detail: When it comes to writing about your place and making it sound attractive to a potential flatmate, detail is important. “Double room available in three bed flat sharing with two professionals in their twenties. At least make an effort to make it sound worth a look. Detailing the travel options, proximity to local amenities, a breakdown of the bills if they’re not included in the rent, and features or quirks about the property that you think make it stand out, are key elements missing from so many ads. Also, what sort of person are you looking for? Surely not just anyone. More importantly, what sort of person are you not looking for? Everyone has at least one house-share horror story. Filter out the unsuitable candidates by being clear on the sort of place you have to offer and the sort of person you’d like to move in.

Other crucial things to mention in the description of your shared accommodation property include information on the utilities included, who the browser’s new House share would be and what facilities are provided within the flatshare or houseshare. You might even want to let them know a little about you, as the right landlord can make or break a home share deal, but don’t make the text too long as housemates are busy people.

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