How to be eco-friendly by saving money while flatsharing

In these tentative economical times, home ownership is a distant dream for very many of the young professional persons. Renting a property is also proving to be more difficult due to the starting salaries increasingly being under pressure. Many workers in their 20s are having flat sharing as their only way to live in big cities where job opportunities are more available. Flat or house sharing has got its own challenges for green and eco-friendly living.

What is flatsharing?

Flat sharing is the act of two or more people living in a property together. Every individual usually has his or her own bedroom. House sharing is a term used if the property is a house; however the term flatsharing is often used to refer to both instances.

Why people choose sharing a flat?

Renting one’s own place is usually more expensive than sharing. If someone lives in one bed flat, they will still need a kitchen, living room and a bathroom. Sharing enables one to effectively split the extra rooms’ cost. Through sharing, you can be able to live in a better place or area than you can afford otherwise.

Apart from the sharing’s economic point of view, there are social benefits associated with sharing which attract very many individuals.

Tips for being eco-friendly or “green” by saving money while flatsharing

It isn’t impossible to live a green or eco-friendly life by saving some money while sharing a flat with other persons.

Below are some of the tips to help you get through with it. However, the most important aspect is all about the communication.

The major issue in the sharing of a flat arises when every person that is living in the house or flat tends to do the same things, such as washing up, laundry and cleaning on an personal basis, instead of doing it together. For instance, the use of a washing machine to clean some small amount of laundry, or filling a bowl to wash one person’s plate and cutlery. As flat-mates, you can discuss about the idea of combining clothes; washing or washing up so that you are able to cut down on the energy consumed and thus saving money on the bills.

Another great idea of how you can be green is by sharing a TV. When each one of four people living on the flat watches TV in their personal rooms, the total of four TVs will lead to a great increase in the energy consumption, and thus greater bills. On the other hand, if the residents can effectively communicate and share the remote, money will be saved, in addition to getting a more fun and interesting experience.

There should be good communication so as to ensure that tasks such as recycling are done by everyone that is living on the property. Everyone should be made to understand the importance and relevance of correctly separating rubbish. The moment every one pitches in, it will be easy.

Another way to be green is to be considerate as flat mates. Simple stuff such as timing the time spent in a shower, complete turning off of appliances and not leaving them on standby is greatly appreciated by all the housemates. This is because it helps to save energy, and thus saving or reducing money spent on the bills.

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