Rooms For Rent or Flatshare – How To Decide Which One Is Best For You

It is always a challenge deciding which way of living is the best between the Room for Rent and Flatshare. Each has its own pros and cons, thus before settling down on what type of accommodation best suits you, it is important to analysis each of them very critically.

Rooms for Rent

The room for rent is another option of living. This way of living is preferred by those who appreciate privacy.

Pros of rooms for rent
• You will have your own privacy. You get to use all the provided amenities all alone as well as your personal equipment. You will not get into conflicts with people over them using or misusing your personal effects.
• Most rooms for rent offer other extra services such as refrigerators with no extra charge on the overall rental charge.
• One is also able to decorate the interior décor to their personal taste.

Cons of rooms for rent
• The major disadvantage of rooms for the rent is the high cost that one has to bear with; this is from paying the water, electricity, gas bills as well as filling the room with necessary equipment.


Flatshare living has numerous advantages which include:
• Flatshare way of life helps one get and make new friends. You will always be surrounded by people your social life will have a much more fun and exciting dimension. Fresh friends come with different ideas on how to deal with life issues. If you are wise then you will take the positive ideas which will be of great assistance in your future life.
• Flatshare living has another major benefit that cannot be overlooked. Due to cost-sharing this sort of living makes life very cheap. You will able to reduce electricity, water, gas bills that would otherwise be a burden to pay. You will be in a position to save some extra nairas which can be used to purchase or invest in more profitable projects.
• Flatshare living reduces boredom. The presence of your flatmates will ensure you are never sad and alone. You could catch a movie with them, cook and share food as you share live experiences or simply sit and talk all night as you share jokes. You will always have someone by your side even in tough times.
• Flat sharing , especially for students ensures you grow up an all rounded person due to the various people you interact with. It is always crucial to get along with people and if you can handle people with different backgrounds and traits, then in future you will not have any trouble dealing with people both with likeable and unlikeable traits.

Disadvantages of flat sharing
• The most common disadvantage while sharing a flat is reduced privacy. This involves sharing of the bathrooms. Some people are usually uncomfortable with this. Some people will also be uncomfortable with sharing their personal properties such as DVDs, TVs, Radios, computers and other equipment.

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