Can Benefit You

Loneliness is a huge problem, especially for young employees who are single. The demands a career makes often leaves little time and energy for going out to nightspots, but coming home to an empty flat is depressing.

  • These busy workers and students would make ideal tenants – some extra cash never goes amiss, while having someone there in the evenings not only makes for companionship, but also won’t cramp your style or house during the day.
  • The other benefits are manifold; from saving money as both a renter and letter, and the opportunity to live in a property and area you may not otherwise be able to afford, to the social side. offers you the opportunity to find a living situation to suit you, whatever it is you are looking for, with the safety net of being able to find another property, or tenant, should you require further assistance.

There is no better time for a letter to see if this would suit long term than in the coming months. With Abuja and Lagos’s properties highly in demand, it makes sense to try renting out a room, or even two, and going from there this year.

You may surprise yourself with how beneficial a share can be, but if you wouldn’t mind a little more cash, and a little more companionship, you ought to give it a try now.

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