Launches the long awaited Premier Letting & Property Sharing Platform

You may surprise yourself with how beneficial a share can be, but if you wouldn’t mind a little more cash, and a little more companionship, you ought to give it a try now.

The platform provides a unique opportunity for property/room/flat owners and seekers, landlords and tenants who would love to share their flats or rooms to transact without barriers (Agents).

About: is Nigeria’s #1 letting and property sharing platform for students and professionals in Nigeria. Whether you are a landlord seeking responsible and reliable tenants for your property or a tenant searching for a home or tenant seeking flat mate or an individual or student in search of a roommate or a startup business owner looking for an office space to share we are here to help. The newly redesigned site goes live today 31st of March, 2016.

The site will be of tremendous value to students, young professionals (Bachelors & Spinsters), families and small businesses. Unlike other competing services, offers a free usage opportunity.

“The Site also gives an increased level of flexibility and choice over the usual route. Essentially, no longer does an agent need to make any presumptions about a property being suitable for you or not which is a huge bonus is surely offering. Cut away the ‘agent drama’ with a click” said Samuel Adesanya, Founder/CEO

Whilst is designed to afford our clients/customers direct access to suitable available accommodation (Rooms – Flats – Office space) , it’s also a window on what we do and how best we can help with our cutting edge Self Simple Secured channel far superior to anything in the market place. – The No 1 platform for Home Hunters………..Fast, Easy and Free.

You can reach us on various social platforms

If you require further information please contact

Murewa Oluwatobi

Director of Operations

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