says no to Middle Men in the Homeshare Market

From this sudden flash of inspiration he began the process of setting up, an accommodation site for everyone!

Samuel’s revolutionary strategy was to set up a site where landlords and housemates could connect directly, eliminating the costly rent cut of the agent and allow for much more flexibility for the person searching for somewhere to live. has been able to keep well in tune with current market trends and adapt the Nigeria based website more fully to meet the needs of each user. Both would-be landlords and would-be housemates can set up a Self-Letting profile to be added to the site’s listings without paying a penny and start searching for the perfect roommate for their new home.

In addition to the obvious financial savings to be gained through using to find your new housemates or tenants, the site also gives an increased level of flexibility and choice over the usual routes. Private browsing using the site’s convenient search function allows users to more easily factor in their own preferences when it comes to a diverse array of factors including the exact location of the property, house facilities, age and sex of the other tenants and asking rent. Essentially, no longer does an agent need to make any presumptions about whether a property is suitable for you, which is surely a huge bonus.

With more and more people joining by the day, the volume of listings on the site looks set to grow and grow, offering users an ever more varied supply of possible home share opportunities.

This new level of service looks set to lure greater numbers still to join the community, Contact the team for further information

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